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音樂節 / 藝術節 
  • Do I need to download the registration form?
    Currently, only "Online Registration" is accepted. You can fill in the information and submit through the "Online Registration" on the webpage on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Is there the same registration form for online events and live events?
    Yes, any same event in SDMF, whether online or live, uses the same electronic form.
  • How many items can be submitted per entry form?
    Each registration form can only be submitted for one event or group. If you want to participate in another event or participate in another event, you need to submit a second registration form.
  • What should I do if I fail to collect all the team members' information during registration?
    For team applicants, when registering online, you can first provide the captain's information and the total number of the team, and the team members' information can be added later as soon as possible
  • When do I need to pay the entry fee for registration?
    After registration, the payment proof must be submitted as soon as possible by the payment method of the conference. After registration, please check the payment link in the confirmation email, or check it directly on the "Payment Method" page of the website of the association.
  • Music MP3 or sheet music is not ready yet, can I register first?
    Yes, MP3 and sheet music are not mandatory materials for registration. According to the needs of individual projects, they can be supplemented later by email as soon as possible.
  • Team applicants, can they change team members after registration?
    After the registration deadline, and before the designated time of the conference, members can be replaced, and the required information must also be submitted. An administrative fee needs to be paid when the second member is replaced. For details, please check the administrative fee page
  • When will the confirmation email be sent out? Didn't receive the confirmation email after registration?
    After submitting the registration form each time, the system will automatically send a confirmation email immediately. If you do not receive the confirmation email, you can first check whether it is in the spam email. If so, please report the confirmation email and the conference email address as non-junk email
  • Does the entry fee include certificates and awards?
    Yes, all entry fees include certificates (according to the number of teams), papers, and awards (if the team wins, only one trophy or crystal trophy will be included, and additional ones will be charged separately). SDMF CHALLENGE will not be issued papers.
  • For live events, does the entry fee include admission tickets?
    SDMF Music Festival: The entry fee has already covered the entry tickets of the contestants, and there is no additional fee. The number of parents or teachers accompanying them into the venue is as follows: (A) Individual competition: with 1 free ticket(B) Team competition: Regardless of the number of teams, each team is only entitled to 2 free tickets (parents/teachers/friends who need to enter the venue must apply to the conference for an additional ticket of HK$80@, first come first served) (The above information is not applicable to SDMF CHALLENGE)
  • Does the entry fee include postage?
    On-site events: The entry fee does not include any postage. If necessary, please contact the organizer for individual arrangements. Online competitions: The entry fee has already included the basic award postage cost. If additional orders or reissues are made, additional fees must be submitted for processing. For details, please visit the administrative fee page
  • payment method
    We only provide the following payment methods for the time being, please refer to the payment method page for details: - Hang Seng Bank Transfer ATM HSBC - FPS - Payme - Check Check (Need to deposit by yourself) - Octopus Electronic Wallet Octopus - Credit Cards (additional 4.5% processing fee) After completing the payment, you need to submit a proof of payment: Payment records must clearly show the date, time, amount, conference transfer account number, confirmation number or related words
  • Credit card payment process
    If you pay by credit card, after completing the online registration form, we will send the payment link by email within about 3-5 days, and an additional 4.5% handling fee will be charged for the entry fee.
  • After successfully registering, I received a confirmation email and found that the information I filled in was wrong!
    Please forward the confirmation email and the correct information to the conference email for correction. If the information is found to be wrong after the schedule is announced, you need to submit an administrative fee for amendment
  • When will the schedule be announced? (Competition date and time)
    Generally, it will be announced at the latest about 3 weeks after the deadline for registration, or about 2 weeks before the first day of the race. Of course, we will announce it as soon as possible. You can check the race schedule on the conference website
  • Can the game dates already scheduled on the schedule be transferred?
    Sorry that it cannot be rescheduled. According to past experience, the conference needs to balance the following factors, so it cannot be rescheduled:1. Type of project/instrument/dance 2. Distribution of number of participants 3. Participants repeat the arrangement of changing shirts 4. Arrangements for competition exchanges between various organizations 5. Age ranking within the group (younger than the morning has a better chance, except for teams or repeated competitions) 6. Repeated participation by members of the same group requires overlapping factors 7. Musical instruments/dance types and time for each judging group 8. The number of people in the venue of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is restricted due to the safety of the epidemic.9. The number of people entering each game and the number of balanced teams 10. Satisfy the principle number of individuals who need to follow up to 1st place and the team to follow up to 2nd place 11. Match the opening time of the next session 12. Balance the number of participating units with more competitors
  • After arriving at the venue, the contestants need to report in person?
    If necessary, parents/teachers can accompany the contestants and report to the registration office with the original student handbook or student ID card in hand. When registering, they must say the entry number displayed on the competition schedule
  • Can I use the electronic version of the identification document for registration? e.g. mobile phone display
    Yes, but all information and appearance must be clearly visible, and the contestant must report to the registration office at the same time
  • When registering, it is found that the entry information is incorrect, such as the name and school name, or the music score, etc., can it be corrected immediately?
    Except for personal information, it can be corrected immediately (administrative fee must be submitted), and other documents such as music scores, etc., can no longer be changed. Parents, teachers or contestants should pay attention to the relevant responsibilities
  • Is there a locker room available on match day?
    There is no extra dressing room or warm-up space for the conference. Generally, LCSD venues have enough space for changing clothes, but not every venue provides it. Some venues may have to go to different floors or locations to have larger space Space for changing clothes. For example, if there is a competition in the backstage rehearsal room of the Grand Theater in the Documentation Center, there are only small toilets on this floor. If you need to change clothes, you have to go to the changing room next to the information desk on the ground floor of the Cultural Center; in addition, the conference generally does not reserve space for waiting. The waiting area is usually a public space outside the competition room or competition hall
  • Will there be backstage make-up or preparation before the show?
    It depends on the venue of the competition. Generally, non-large venues do not have backstage positions for waiting, and there are more opportunities to wait directly in the auditorium. For each venue, the host of the conference will give a talk about the appearance at the opening arrange
  • Can you provide head-mounted wireless microphones or clip-on microphones during the competition?
    Will not be provided. Vocal, Instrumental, Speech and Speech categories will be provided with wired microphones and/or microphone stands; while Dance and Piano will not be provided with any microphones.
  • Do I need to wear a mask during the game?
    According to the venue guidelines of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, performers who do not wear a mask during the performance must have undergone a 2019 coronavirus test/test 7 days before the competition day (including the competition day) and have a negative result. The test number must be submitted to the conference every day. Otherwise, masks must be worn during the performance.
  • Will there be a piano for self-playing and singing in the vocal music competition?
    Depending on each venue, the vocal group usually competes with background music (must provide the electronic file MP3 to the organizer before the designated date), or can choose to compete in a cappella.
  • Can I take pictures or video during the game?
    Yes, but the use of flashlights is strictly prohibited, survivors will be warned and expelled from the venue, and must stay in the auditorium and standing to take pictures is strictly prohibited.
  • Can the music, sheet music or recitation be changed on the day of the competition?
    No, no changes to music, sheet music or recitations will be accepted on the day of the competition. Participants of any event must provide electronic MP3 files before the specified date. The music file will be sent back by WhatsApp 3-5 days before the competition Check the registration number. If music errors are discovered on the day of the competition, the contestants shall take full responsibility.
  • How much time do I need to reserve on race day? How sooner or later?
    It is recommended to arrive near the venue 15-30 minutes before the registration time to make preparations (such as clothing). Together with about 1-1.5 hours per session, the total time required is about 2 hours. Once you are late, you will be treated as an absence and there will be no chance for a make-up match.
  • Do all contestants receive certificates?
    Any event, any group, each participant will be awarded an award certificate with an individual number, and the award level (gold, silver, bronze, honor or commendation) will be listed on the certificate; and the performance scoring sheet Each team will only be issued one, and the performance scoring sheet will list the names of all the participants of the team. * For details, please check the awarding index page
  • The awards only have medals/crystal trophies, are all levels awarded with trophies or medals?
    No, online events are very different from live events, and awards will be determined based on the following factors: 1. Individual or team factors 2. Difference between on-site and online 3. Points obtained for grades In some cases, only neck medals are included, and medium-sized trophies require additional money (postage included) If the team needs additional crystal trophies, additional money is required (postage included) * For details, please check the awarding indicators page
  • When will the results be announced? Where can it be seen?
    Under normal circumstances, it will take about 5-7 working days to review some of the videos and review the results, and publish all the results on the conference website After the results are announced, they will be the final results, and there is no appeal mechanism .
  • Are the individual trophies or lanyards stamped with the participant's name?
    If not, an additional HK$90 per name is required for engraved names on all trophies or neck medals. If the team adds an additional trophy fee of HK$390/, the above engraving fee will be included. * For details, please check the administrative fee information on the entry fee page
  • Can the trophy be engraved with Chinese and English names or the names of 2 participants?
    Generally speaking, it is possible. It is usually a crystal trophy. A crystal trophy or crystal medal can only engrave up to 3 names. The total number of Chinese and English names of the same participant is 2. An additional HK$90/ is required for each name, a total of HK$120/ for 2 names, and an additional HK$150/ for 3 names. If the team orders an additional crystal trophy, the required fee includes the name engraving fee. * For details, please check the administrative fee information on the entry fee page (The above information is not applicable to SDMF CHALLENGE)
  • When will I receive the relevant awards and certificates after the results are announced?
    General process: >Results will be announced about 5 working days after the race > After getting the results, you can apply online for award engraving and payment (choose by yourself) > On the last day of the competition, an awards ceremony will be held about 6-8 weeks after the competition (attendance is free) and certificates and awards will be issued > If you are unable to attend the award ceremony, you can authorize someone else to collect it on your behalf at the designated time on the day of the award ceremony, or pay the specified administrative fee and receive it by courier (about 3-4 weeks after the award ceremony)
  • How to apply for trophy/neck medal engraving?
    You can enter the designated page of the conference website to register and pay.
  • How do nominated teachers receive awards?
    According to the "Award Indicators" page, any entrant who registers as a nominated teacher and meets the relevant indicators, the nominated teacher will be awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award. For details, please refer to the "Award Indicators" page.
  • SDMF and SCAF format
    SDMF and SCAF are conducted in the form of a standard-reaching system, no matter online or on-site, as long as the score indicators of the conference are met, the level award will be awarded. At the same time, there are special prizes for contestants, teacher status and school units to chase. There is no limit to the number of people awarded at each level, including special awards
  • SDMF Chellange format
    The SDMF Chellange Challenge is a competitive competition system. There are preliminary rounds and finals. The teams with better performance in each group will enter the finals week. Each group will have a Top 5 winning team
  • What do SDMF, SCAF and SDMF CHALLENGE stand for?
    SDMF is the "Hong Kong School Dance Music Festival". The competitions include vocal music, dance, piano, orchestral music, and Chinese music. SCAF is the "Hong Kong Academic Culture and Arts Festival". The competitions include recitation, story speech, hard pen calligraphy, and (article competition, painting and beanbag competition will be added in succession). The above SDMF and SCAF have online and on-site competitions respectively. For details, please check the relevant pages. SDMF CHALLENGE is a "Music and Dance Challenge", which belongs to another competition system, and different competitions will be held according to the time of the year.
  • Are SDMF, SCAF and SDMF CHALLENGE events sanctioned events?
    There are no special certification events in the industry, but individual projects such as ballet, vocal music, piano, or orchestral music have internationally recognized level certifications in various fields, and the professionalism and scale of the competitions will be displayed. Acceptance. SDMF/SCAF and SDMF Chellange competitions increase the number of participating schools and numbers every year. At the same time, in order to improve the professional level, SDMF/SCAF and SDMF Chellange competitions are also different. In 2022, SDMF Chellange will be added to improve the level of the industry. Please recognize the conference Registered trademark of: SDMF® SCAF® or SDMF™ SCAF™
  • When was the tournament organizer established?
    The organizer is Grateful City Charity Fund (GA City Charity Fund), which is a registered and recognized charity organization of the Hong Kong government. It was established in 2008. The first event in 2013 was the beneficiary of this project. In 2016, the event was officially held as the organizer and related activities; and the Hong Kong Music and Arts Association HKMAA is the organizer of this project, including all procedures such as publicity, registration and detailed implementation.
  • Has the conference event name changed?
    The 9th competition 2021 hosted by the Thanksgiving City Charity Foundation is officially named "Hong Kong Schools Dance Music Festival SDMF®" HONG KONG SCHOOLS DANCE & MUSIC FESTIVAL, formerly: Hong Kong Schools Dance Music Festival TRIUMPHAL CUP . The old Instagram @hksmaf, the old website and the old Facebook will not be updated in most cases. ​ Information updates on the conference platform:💛New Website:💙New Facebook: Hong Kong Music and Arts Association HKMAA❤️ New YouTube: Hong Kong Music and Arts Association HKMAA🧡 New Instagram: hkmaa_org💚New WhatsApp: 6226 7944
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